Auto Accidents: Resources for Personal Injury Cases

Here are some helpful links and resources for those with a potential auto accident personal injury case:

- Frequently asked Questions:

        Q: I've been in an accident and am now injured. How do I know if I need a lawyer?

        A: Having effective representation when you are injured is crucial to securing your rights in court or through negotiations with your insurance company. Our firm will do most personal injury cases on a contingency fee basis, meaning after we assess your case, our representation costs nothing up front, and we gain our fee from the final settlement or verdict in the case.

        Q: My insurance company is contacting wanting to discuss my personal injury case? Should I talk with them?

        A: It is ultimately your choice whether or not you want to talk with them, but keep in mind that it is always best to have an attorney evaluate the case before giving a full statement to the insurance company. If there are any contested issues, or if at some point in the future your injuries are revealed to be more serious than you had initially thought, you will have to contradict some of the things you might say in a recorded phone call with the insurance adjuster. Once you hire an attorney, that attorney will communicate with the insurance company for you.

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