Why Do I Need an Attorney When I Have an Auto Accident?

Dealing with the insurance companies when you have had an auto accident can be a nightmare. There are several ways having an attorney with verifiable trial experience can help you.

Whenever a person is in an accident, there are several things he or she is automatically forced to deal with, and usually these tasks are required to be dealt with while the individual is suffering severe pain from the accident that caused their personal injury. This is just one of the many reasons that hiring an attorney is crucial. Having an attorney help you through this situation when you have a personal injury lawsuit is important since you need that time to focus on your health and getting back on your feet after your accident. Here are just a couple of other reason why you need to consult with a personal injury attorney immediately after your car wreck:

  • There delicate timetables that begin to run - Whenever you have a car wreck, there are several different timetables that begin to run, such as the statute of limitations on your personal injury claim. In Texas, you only have two years from the date of the injury in which to file your lawsuit. The insurance companies will also hold it against you for not seeking medical treatment even if you really are injured, claiming this gap in treatment shows that your alleged injuries are being embellished for financial gain.
  • The insurance companies will attempt to take advantage of you - Like it or not, it is the role of the insurance company in a personal injury claim to make sure that each person gets as little money as possible. This means that the company will do everything within their power to minimize your injury, and get you to give them a recorded statement as soon as possible that does not accurately portray how badly injured you actually are. A personal injury lawyer will know how to address these issues, and a good attorney realizes that sometimes these injuries can have a delayed onset and a plaintiff may not show symptoms of certain injuries caused by an accident until long after the accident occurred. This is just one of many reasons why it is good to have an experienced, board certified personal injury attorney analyze your case and deal with the insurance companies for you immediately.